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We’re turning 200!

Episode five of Season 10 of Supernatural will be our show’s 200th episode! This is a huge achievement in television, and one that we want to make a lot of noise about.

This project aims to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Supernatural celebrating the SPN Family. We are each a fan of the show and we love it for many different reasons but collectively we have formed this community made up of fans from around the world, as well as the talented cast, crew,  writers and producers who bring this story to life every week.

All you have to do is take a selfie. Whether you’re a fan or an actor, a writer or a member of the crew we’d like everyone to take part.

We will take all the selfies and make them into a digital photo mosaic, with a design that will commemorate the 200th episode. This will be made into prints and postcards that will be sent to every person who works on the show, and they will be available to fans as well.

The 200th episode will film in Vancouver in mid-late August and probably air sometime in November. We are currently aiming to have the project completed to distribute by August.

So all you need to get involved is to take a selfie! On your own or with a bunch of friends. You can be in cosplay or just wearing a smile. It might be a selfie you took while watching the finale or at a Con you went to.

Send your photo to Please include your name, nickname or handle, and the city and country of where you are from.

You can also send any questions to that address. I will post a FAQ in the coming week.

This project is being put together by a group of passionate fans including me, Jules Admin of the SupernaturalWiki. 

Wow - we’ve already had over 100 selfies sent in! Closing date will be sometime in July. I’ll let you know the date when its confirmed!

We have now had over 700 selfies sent in from over 35 countries! This may be the biggest global fan art project ever! You have until July to send in your selfie.

We’re currently working with some fan artists to come up with a design for the final photo mosaic. Whatever the final image it will be something that represents ALL of the Supernatural fandom. If you have a great idea feel free to contact us at

Remember everyone taking part will get a free digital download of the final artwork!

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    A12 sunday morning panel excerpt

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    Asylum 12

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    Misha Collins


Because I think a lot of people have been waiting for an exact quote on this…

Sarah: My question is about the most recent episode, 22, so spoilers if anyone hasn’t seen it.

Misha: Okay. I haven’t, so.

Sarah: My question is about something that Metatron said about Cas. He said he’s in love with humanity, and… okay, other than a certain special someone, I’m wondering what it is about humanity that you think he’s so enamoured with?

Misha: Um. [pause] He, um. [pause] I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’m going to. Um, I think the writers, um… I really shouldn’t be telling you this. Um. Metatron— So when we—when I go into the room that was heaven, that was the heaven trap… ‘cause this has aired, right? 

[audience agrees] 

Metatron sort of made Cas’ version of heaven, but it was like a joke version of heaven, like, rainbows and unicorns kind of heaven. Um, but in the original script, it was, uh— [laughs] it was photos— it was photos of uh… naked men, with uh, with Jensen’s face. 

[audience cheers] 

I read it… I read it and I was like, oh, are you fucking kidding me? This is what’s going on—really? And then someone up the ladder was like, no, you can’t do that, so they didn’t do it, but it was written in the script, so, um.

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